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Trance-Hop Theme Trance-Hop Theme

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Definitely a pleasant surprise

I googled for "trance-hop" to find if anything like what I thought (in my mind's eye) existed, and here it is! Really happy to come across this gem - I'm not sure about the Linkin Park comparison, but you're definitely bridging trance + hip-hop in a way that honors John B's grafting of trance + drum 'n' bass. :) I like how you use those thick saw stabs with the phat beat, and hope you keep making tracks growing this vein, and even some guest MCs.

I'm not kidding that sometimes, the jokey-est tracks become the best and most recognizable, and trance-hop is a fusion that's long been overlooked!

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SuperGoodSound responds:

funny how you found this song...never would have imagined you could google it and have it pull up (first listing...?? out of 9,000 pages??? wha???)

i guess comparing me to linkin park would be like trying to compare crappy midi redux's to a full blown metallica and symphony. ha! anyway - i'll do what I can - i've got this full-time job now though....that makes it tougher.